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Trust us when we say, the last thing we want is for your log home dream to die, which is precisely the reason we are sharing this post. Too often folks come to us with a desire for a log cabin, often something they have been planning for a decade, and for one reason or another their project gets temporarily put on hold or is moved completely off the table. After years in this business we can attribute these reasons to  three must-haves for dream log homes to become a reality. If any one of these key factors is not in line, the dream inevitably withers away. In addition to this article we have written the “Ultimate Log Home Planning Guide” to help people dream, plan, and build their log home. Click here for more information on the Planning Guide.

Poison #1 - Having the Wrong Land

The first dream killer is not having land. We realize it seems obvious, but surprisingly, many people dreaming of building a log cabin do not have land or worse, end up having problems with land they have making it unbuildable. It is very important to buy a piece of property that is buildable and is capable of having all of the amenities.

There are numerous elements that effect the usability of land. Some of which include access to roads and utilities, just to name a few.

If you don’t have experience buying real estate it is advised to use a realtor. When choosing a realtor use one that has experience in land sales because they will be more versed in the important aspects to look out for to help protect you from buying property that is not buildable.

At Caribou Creek we do our best to network with quality land brokers around the country. If you would like a referral please contact us.

Furthermore, if you choose to use us to build your cabin, we are also willing to plan a site visit to inspect your property from a construction aspect and we can help design your log home based on the layout of the land you buy.

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Poison #2 - Hiring the Wrong Team

The second dream killer is not hiring the right team. A team consists of the log builder, architect (if you choose that route), general contractor, and possibly interior designer. If the general contractor or architect does not have experience with log homes they can ruin a project. If they are slow, it can really put a damper on the whole thing as well. We have seen too many projects go south because of an under qualified general contractor or architect.

As with land recourses, we try to stay well connected with quality contractors around the country. We also are willing to work closely with the project’s general contractor to answer any questions they have through the process. One big difference about Caribou Creek is we can construct the log structure on site so the general contractor does not need to, versus other log home companies which just deliver the lumber and allow the project supervisor to assemble it.

Click here for more information about our construction process.

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Poison #3 - Lack of Affordability & Funding

The third poison is lack of funding or affordability. A homeowner who hasn’t discussed their project with their banker or financial planner is one who usually doesn’t see their dream come to fruition. Knowing how much your project will cost is only one piece of the puzzle, knowing how much you can afford and sticking to the budget is the other, and in many ways is the most important. Sometimes, homeowners start adding on to their house plan during construction or splurging on fixtures which can cause the money to run out before a project is completed.

One of the toughest loans to get approved for is new construction and new log home construction is even tougher. Luckily, Caribou Creek has connections for this too. Some of the lenders we recommend also lend on land which may be a valuable recourse, especially for people who’s assets are not easily liquidated.

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Keeping the Dream Alive

Building log homes is our passion and watching clients move into their dream home is our fuel. We have learned to help people navigate this jungle to ensure their dream comes true. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime during your process. We wish you success! Remember to consider “The Ultimate Log Home Planning Guide” as a tool to help you attain your dream home!

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