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Log Home Design

with Caribou Creek

The Design Process

A lot of people ask us how our design process works. There really isn’t a simple answer, as our design process is fairly dynamic and can vary dramatically from one home to the next depending on the project. Each design flow is unique to the needs of the client. Our design flow involves not only drafting the plans, but also includes consultation with our production team to verify the feasability of your project. Here is a quick look at the design flow we like to see with our projects, and what to expect with each phase.

The Steps To Designing Log Homes

  1. Meet with Salesman
  2. Design Meeting
  3. Initial Design Phase
  4. Design Review(s)
  5. Finalized Design

1. Meet with Salesman

  • Establish budget
  • Define style (Full-scribe, Timber, etc.)
  • Target square footage
  • “Ballpark” cost estimate
  • Design Questionnaire
  • Design Agreement

2. Design Meeting

  • Introduction to designer
  • Brief tour of 3D design
  • Review completed questionnaire
  • Floor plans and ideas
  • Special requirements
  • Photos
  • Building site info
  • Signed Design Agreement & Deposit

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3. Initial Design Phase

  • Dynamic process
  • Early concept communication for approval
  • Rough floor plan
  • Basic 3D model
  • Identify potential issues
  • Basic structural calculations
  • Preliminary plan

4. Design Review(s)

  • Changes & revisions
  • Design/Structural suggestions
  • Value Engineering
  • 3D model tour
  • Updated cost estimate from salesman

5. Finalized Design

  • Basic Architectural plan set (PDF)
  • BIMx® 3D model
  • Number of printed sets specified in Design Agreement
  • Additional details and/or modeling by request (hourly)
  • Structural details & engineering extra
  • Final design payment
  • Finalized pricing & contract proposal
  • Ongoing design support throughout the building process

Additional Information

We prefer in-person design reviews, but we can set up a conference call/screen sharing meeting if necessary. Revisions are limited to the number specified in the Design Agreement. Additional revisions available at an hourly rate. Because our designs involve the whole Caribou Creek team, we can leverage our many years of combined experience as builders to achieve your vision. However, we are not licenced as architects or engineers and cannot provide a wet stamped plan set in-house. We expect our clients to employ a competent contractor who has a clear understanding of proper building practices. Depending on the design we will recommend having it reviewed by a structural engineer. This is something we can subcontract on a cost-plus basis, or you can hire your own engineer. Remember, the more information you can provide upfront, the sooner we can achieve your ideal design and create your dream.

Virtual 3D Design

Showing Clients Exactly
What to Expect

If you can visualize your dream, you can make it a reality. We expect the same level of quality from our design and drafting department as we do our craftsmen. We use cutting edge 3D design software to create our plans and shop drawings, no matter how big or small the project. This may seem like overkill on simple projects, but having the ability to visualize each piece of the project is a tremendous advantage at any scale to ensure everything works together. Not only can we show clients exactly what to expect with a virtual tour, but we can also make quick modifications as we go.

ArchiCAD & BIMx - by Graphisoft*

Graphisoft is an industry leaders in Building Information Management, or BIM. BIM takes 3D design to the next level with intelligent parametric objects, automatic calculations, customizable building materials, and more. ArchiCAD is their flagship program, used by architects and designers worldwide. With ArchiCAD we have the ability to annotate and manipulate a virtual model in both 3D and 2D views for a high level of accuracy and detail. Viewports automatically update with every change of the model, greatly reducing the potential for inconsistencies within the plan set. In addition, with a powerful CineRender® rendering engine built into the program, we can create detailed, full-color renderings of your project.

A sister program to ArchiCAD, BIMx is a great way to share the 3D model with clients. With a free viewer and cross-platform support, clients are free to explore the design on their own time from nearly any device.

Photo rendering of our “Salmon River” stock design created in ArchiCAD® using CineRender®. 

Screenshot taken from a BIMx® 3D model. BIMx allows clients to explore a project at their leisure, using modern video gaming technology and a “first-person” user experience.

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