How to Prevent Thousands of Dollars in Log Repair EARLY!

Maintaining a log home is a responsibility we cannot ignore. It’s time to confront it head-on. – Scott Eden, Founder of Nortek Copper Works.

Welcome to today’s show where we are joined by Scott Eden and Jay Schuler, the masterminds behind Nortek Copper Works. Scott’s words resonate with us as log cabin maintenance is an essential topic that needs attention and preparation. Luckily, Nortek Copper Works offers an excellent solution to prevent expensive log rot, particularly on decks and railings, with their copper caps. These caps not only save money on repairs but also add a touch of uniqueness and beauty to log homes.

Scott shares his story of how he started the company to fulfill a crucial need and how Jay joined the team to engineer specialized log cabin products such as settling jacks, jack covers, kick plates, and round caps, making log home maintenance a breeze for Nortek Copper Work Clients.

Join us to hear about some of their most remarkable projects and how a Washington-based restaurant stopped having to replace rotted posts after implementing these stunning copper caps.

Whether you’re in the process of building a log home or already own one, this episode is a must-listen for you!

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The Foundation

Scott Eden’s story is one of true inspiration and passion for log home building. He started his journey by building his own private log home sanctuary in the remote woods of Wisconsin. As he attended various log home shows, he began to notice a common problem among log home owners: unsightly and industrial-looking settling jacks.

Scott saw a need for a cover to hide these settling jacks and began to think of creative ways to add aesthetics to log homes. This is when he had his breakthrough moment. He decided to use a beautiful copper metal cover to conceal the settling jacks, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to log homes.

Soon after, Scott caught the attention of Scott Sashco, the founder of Sashco Log Home Maintenance Products. Sashco had noticed the copper covers and asked him if he could create an “upside-down” ashtray to cover the ends of logs. Without hesitation, Scott said “of course” and got to work.

Scott’s innovative idea was the start of Nortek Copper Works log cabin caps that you see today. These caps not only protect logs from moisture and rot, but also add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to log homes. Scott’s passion for log homes and dedication to finding creative solutions to common problems has made him a true pioneer in the log home industry.

Today, Nortek Copper Works offers a wide range of log cabin products that make log home maintenance easier and more manageable for homeowners. Their copper caps, settling jacks, jack covers, kick plates, and round caps have become trusted solutions for log home owners all across the country.

Scott’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. He saw a problem and instead of ignoring it, he found a creative solution that has now become an essential part of log home maintenance. His vision for creating functional and beautiful log cabin products has made him a trusted name in the industry, and his legacy continues to inspire log home builders and enthusiasts alike.

Innovating the Log Home Industry

“Log maintenance should not be a subject to avoid, but one to be faced head on.”

Scott Eden’s journey in creating Nortek Copper Works is not just a story of a single man’s passion, but of a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to providing high-quality and unique log cabin products. Among these individuals is Jay Schuler, an engineer that Scott brought into the company to specially design log settling jacks that do not bind up.

Jay has been an integral part of Nortek Copper Works since his initial contribution, and his expertise in designing log cabin products has helped to establish the company as a trusted name in the industry. His designs have made log home maintenance a much easier task for Nortek Copper Work clients, and his contributions have helped to expand the range of log cabin products offered by the company.

Today, Nortek Copper Works has contributed their craftsmanship to log homes across the United States and Canada, and their products have become essential for homeowners looking to maintain the beauty and integrity of their log homes. The company has even created copper adornments for the seal exhibit at the Smithsonian zoo, further demonstrating their expertise in creating unique and high-quality copper products.

For homeowners who have invested in Nortek Copper Caps, the benefits are clear. The caps not only add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to their log homes, but they have also nearly eliminated the need to ever replace a log post. This is a testament to the quality and durability of Nortek Copper Works’ products, and to the company’s commitment to providing their customers with the best possible log cabin products.

In conclusion, Nortek Copper Works is a company that is built on a foundation of passion, innovation, and dedication. Scott Eden and Jay Schuler’s commitment to creating functional and beautiful log cabin products has made Nortek Copper Works a trusted name in the industry, and their legacy continues to inspire log home builders and enthusiasts alike. With their range of high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction, Nortek Copper Works is poised to continue making a significant impact in the log home industry for years to come.

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