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Specialty Items & Accents

Handcrafted Log & Timber Accents

Elegant Decorative Touches and Full Structural Elements

Caribou Creek offers handcrafted log and timber accents, both as elegant decorative touches or as fully structural elements incorporated into your home. For example, many homes look stunning with a few timber frame accents in the living room.

Just a few examples of the items we can provide:

  • Log and timber trusses
  • Log and timber siding
  • Entryways, Gates & Signs
  • Outlookers
  • Staircases
  • Knee braces
  • Log Posts
  • Boxed ceilings
  • Flared Cedar posts
  • Faux beams
  • “Pacman” Corner Posts
  • Timber wraps for around structural steel or framing and more


Close up picture of a custom built wooden staircase in a large shop.

Image #6

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Entryways, Gates & Signs

Custom wood built light post at a ski resort with a gas lantern hanging from it. Skis and snow surrounding it.

Image #6

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Face, ears and front paws of a bear cub carved out of wood on a interior house support beam.

Image #6

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Handcrafted Log Construction

Ready to take the first step and begin turning a dream into reality? The entire staff at Caribou Creek is waiting to answer any of your questions and discuss your dream log home. Go ahead, dream big. We do.


Caribou Creek is the choice for the highest quality commercial log construction. We have helped multiple businesses and Native American tribes create their own unique styles, overcoming every challenge with beautiful results.

Timber Frame Construction

Traditional timber framed homes and timber frame hybrid homes (built to look like true timber frames) offer amazing energy efficiency and soaring, open interior spaces. Buildings created this way have stood for over a thousand years.