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Our Promise

Your Dreams + Our Commitment

Family • Established 1989

Founded as a family business with generations of log and timber building experience.

For all Caribou Creek log homes, every aspect of the build is part of a smooth easy process that sets the foundation for quality. Log cabins are created by artisans following specific procedures that have been honed and passed down for generations. Throughout each project, the construction, and excellence in craftsmanship is consistent. Logs are fitted together with an emphasis on creating a solid structure with all of the electrical components and windows cut out and ready for finishing.

"Old fashioned values – honesty, integrity, and treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves – are core beliefs at Caribou Creek Log and Timber."
Portrait of David Byler, Founder - Caribou Creek Log & Timber
David Byler

Since our beginnings we have delighted hundreds of clients with beautiful, expertly hand-crafted log and timber frame homes. Whether handcrafting a simple cabin or a large commercial structure, we believe that helping our customers achieve their vision with the very best log craftsmanship is an honor and our privilege.

David Byler


Anna Hathaway


Ben Brubacher

restoration manager

Ken Schrock

General Manager

Matthias Merrill

Design Manager

John Barbacci

Production Manager

Brian Miller

sales manager

Clayton Isaac


Philip Krahn


Handcrafted Log Home and Timber Structure Builders

We help people transform dreams to plans. Then we make it happen!

For most people thinking of building a log or timber home, once they have seen a handcrafted home, there is simply no other choice. Handcrafting a log home accents the unique, natural beauty and character of the individual log and timbers used, creating a home as unique as its owner. We fell in love with the beauty of wood many, many years ago and that’s why we believe truly handcrafted is the way to go.

Quality is one of our primary concerns at Caribou Creek Log and Timber. We maintain quality control over every phase of construction, beginning with the construction of your log home in our yard to delivery and reassembly on your building site. We build every home as if it was our own.

We strive to maintain our reputation of excellent craftsmanship. We are here to help you through every step of building your dream home, from the initial design phase all the way through the placing of the last log on your home. We are even there for your contractor if he/she should need some technical assistance while adding the finishes to your home.


Our “direct-to-consumer” business model eliminates much of the overhead typically associated with log homes – by working with and selling directly to homeowners and general contractors. Without the additional markups and costs typically generated by dealers and independent salespersons, we’ve created a more straightforward, cost-effective approach to building your dream. Not only do our clients receive a better cost-to-value ratio, but this approach also streamlines communication throughout the building process, further reducing expensive and time-consuming errors.