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Handcrafted Log Construction

Superior Craftsmanship

Full Scribe Style

Also known as Swedish Cope and Scandinavian Full Scribe, in this construction method our craftsman use a scribing tool to painstakingly transfer the contours of the lower log onto the upper log, and then cut the upper log to fit snugly on top.

When the logs are assembled on your building site, a layer of gasket material is hidden within the lateral joints to prevent any bugs intruding into your home. This style fits together very tightly, and does not require chinking.

As the logs adjust to their final climate, some settling is to be expected; this is normal, and just makes the home even tighter. Our construction techniques take settling into account, and actually work with the natural tendencies of the wood to allow for this movement.

We work with your contractor to help them understand best practices for finishing a home constructed with live material such as this, and are always available for technical support.

Non-Settling Chink Style

One of the most iconic styles of log home construction, our handcrafted non-settling chink style log homes are crafted with saddle notches at the corners and the spaces between the logs are filled with chinking. Our optional engineered non-settling system uses a series of lag bolts to secure, or “freeze”, the position of each wall log.

This proven system has been tested and measured over the course of several years after our homes are finished, and shows no loss in the wall heights. This is a wonderful option for homeowners who want to avoid building methods that allow for settling.

Gone are the days of moss or cement stuffed in the lateral gaps between logs. Advanced formulas allow modern chinking to stretch and contract with the logs as they adjust to seasonal changes in temperature and moisture. Chinking comes in many colors to complement your stain color choice.

Handcrafted Log Siding

What do you do if you want the aesthetics of a handcrafted log home but need the practicality of a framed structure? Or perhaps you live in an area of the country where excessively stringent building codes effectively eliminate the option of a traditional log home? Caribou Creek can help! Our handcrafted log siding is made using the same techniques as our full log homes and can make your framed house virtually indistinguishable from a genuine log home.

Every piece is created with the same attention to detail that we give to our full log houses. Available in every log construction style – including full log corners, for either exterior or interior applications, or both! We will even customize the style to seamlessly integrate with your new or existing design. Combine your preferred style with any of our surface textures and finish options to develop the perfect aesthetic for your project.

Log Post & Beam

Log post and beam construction brings with it a distinctive and modern look that sets it apart from traditional “stacked” log construction. The main structure is made from vertical log posts supporting horizontal beams with infill framing in between. This style is perfect for utilizing big logs with lots of character – such as old growth Western Red Cedar. Knee braces are another common option.

The roof system is typically quite similar to Caribou Creek's traditional log homes: with log trusses, ridges, and purlins. Log post & beam construction blends well with modern mountain architectural styles as well as providing a natural context for using exposed steel hardware. Settling is not a concern with this type of construction and, since there are fewer logs, can also be a good budget option depending upon the design.

Exterior wood siding and large wooden beams on a commercial smokehouse.

Handcrafted Log Home Photos