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Dovetail Homes

Superior Craftsmanship

Warmth and Beauty of Wood

Dovetail homes are built out of squared timbers with handcrafted dovetail joinery at the corners of the home. The gaps between the timbers are filled with chinking material.

Many homeowners choose the aesthetic of dovetail because it brings the warmth and beauty of a wood home with flat log walls instead of round.

The timbers used for wall logs can be planed smooth, or they can have a hand hewn finish for a rustic, elegant surface. Not sure what you want? Our team at Caribou Creek would be happy to help you decide which style you prefer.

Dovetail log homes often incorporate timber frame components, such as trusses, posts or knee braces. These elements complement the square timbers used in the wall logs and showcase the beauty integrated in the structural design.

Dovetail Photos