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contractor's experience

with Caribou Creek

Why Contractors Prefer Caribou Creek Homes

  1. Our log kits are easier to put together.
  2. Electrical chases are pre-drilled.
  3. Windows and Doors are cut out and pre-notched.
  4. Caribou Creeks reset costs are usually less than they can offer their clients. That, combined with the significant time saving that comes with our reset service enables them to get projects done faster.
  5. Caribou Creek offers a log consultant to help with other aspects of the build such as specialty door and window framing that accounts for settling.


“...I’ve built over 100 log homes, I’m a certified log home builder, and I look at logs really, really closely. Of all of the log homes I’ve ever built, Caribou Creek’s log quality is the best I’ve ever seen.”
Photo of a man with a hat and plaid shirt.
Steve Girod
Owner, Wild Cat Wood
"As a general contractor building custom luxury homes, I have worked with Caribou Creek for over 25 years. They have supplied me with custom log packages of all sizes and complex timber frame packages, timber and log accents and many specialty items beyond most builder’s ability. Caribou is a level above other suppliers in areas of integrity, honesty and quality. My strong feeling is they are the best in the country."
Randy Campbell
Owner, Campbell & Campbell Construction LLC

We understand the complexities that go into finishing a handcrafted log home. This is why we take great lengths to deliver a product that makes the contractor’s job easier. When the contractor can do their job efficiently, the client is happiest and ultimately that is our mutual goal.

Often, clients find Caribou Creek before they find their contractor. As a result, we are always looking to expand our network of contractors that build log homes across the United States.

Please, reach out to us so we can add you to our preferred vendors list.

1. Meet and Greet

Caribou Creek has been handcrafting log and timber homes since 1989. We have had the pleasure of working with numerous contractors around the world. From high end homes to simple cabins, we treat each project with the same ferver and attention to detail. 

One of the greatest needs we find our clients struggle with is finding a quality contractor. Often, clients find us before they have hired a team to build. As a result, we work hard to help connect our clients with top contractors. 

Connect with us by phone, email or fill out the form on our contact page. We welcome the opportunity to show you around our facility or to schedule a Zoom call so our teams can meet face to face if making a trip out here is not feasible.

2. Optional Site Visit

We are available to visit the job site as a consultant at any point during the project and often, when we are doing the initial design, we may have already viewed the site. 

3. Design & Shop Drawings

Caribou Creek has an in house design team that drafts blue prints and shop drawings. In some cases we may have been hired by the homeowner to create the plans; however, we are also available to build out shop drawings if hired by the general contractor.

To discover more about our design process and team click here.

If you have a draftsman or architect you are working with, we offer our services to collaborate during design to ensure the plans are not only beautiful but buildable.

4. Log Construction

Image of a log crafter using a chainsaw on a log

After the logs are peeled, the setting station is squared to ensure a level build. Each corner — and many points in between — is supported by a “station,” which is a temporary footing that is built up to the proper height to make the home level.

After the first round is in place atop the stations, the wall height progresses rapidly. During this time site prep, utility installation, and foundation can be taking place at the job site.

Once the design has passed final approval, log construction can begin. We maintain approximately a quarter of a million dollars worth of log inventory (primarily Douglas Fir) at all times. The first step is to kiln dry the logs. Then the logs get hand peeled.

Overview of Log Construction

  1. Wood Selection 
  2. Peeling The Logs 
  3. Setting Stations 
  4. Crafting walls
  5. Roof Systems
  6. Drilling For Electrical
  7. Windows & Doors
  8. Disassembly & Shipping
  9. Optional Reset 

5. Delivery

At Caribou Creek, we take pride in each of our handcrafted log homes. We make certain every piece that leaves our yard is of superior quality and excellent craftsmanship. We continue that commitment to quality when it is time to package and ship your home to you. Before the house is dis-assembled, the logs are labeled.

Like a giant puzzle, each and every log, knee brace, or accent piece is given a tag designating its placement in the home. We take time to make sure every log or timber member is carefully loaded with web straps to avoid marring. The entire home is disassembled and loaded in order, so that reset can begin immediately with the lowest rounds. The load is then tarped to protect the logs from road dust during transport.


6. Optional Reset

Reset” is a term used to describe the restacking of logs on a job site. Not all log home companies offer this service. Some require the contractor or homeowner to construct the house. Whereas, some companies offer a reset service. Caribou Creek is one of these companies. As an optional service, we can send a crew to the job site. We hire a local crane and get to work restacking the house. What can take a contractor weeks takes our crew days; ultimately saving an abundance of time.  

To read more about the reset process click here.

7. After Delivery

Occasionally, contractors will have questions about how to finish out certain aspects of a log home. Caribou Creek is here to answer questions and be of service beyond the delivery of the log shell. You can count on us to help you see this project through to completion.

Sunny days! This log home has views for miles.