Building a custom log home is an exciting experience. Wether it is a milled kit or handcrafted kit, most log home builders create the log kit in their yard or facility and then ship it to the job site. However, not all kits arrive in the same condition. Some arrive in bundles of logs all around 20′ in length requiring the contractor to cut and fit logs as they construct the house. While other log home companies produce logs that are carefully crafted to fit the adjacent log. These kits arrive with logs numbered so they can be precisely placed.

Which kit costs more?

Generally speaking, milled log home kits are the options that arrive in bundles. Although the kit itself may initially be less expensive than handcrafted log homes, often the labor costs involved when the contractors team assembles the house can add up causing it to be as much or more than a handcrafted log kit.

With handcrafted kits each log is precision crafted to match the adjacent log causing the crafting be more labor intensive, sometimes resulting in the kit price to be higher initially. However, the kits are much easier to assemble saving man-hours on site. As a result, the overall cost may be the same or even less than a milled kit home.

What is a Reset?

Reset” is a term used to describe the restacking of logs on a job site. Not all log home companies offer this service. Some require the contractor or homeowner to construct the house. Whereas, some companies offer a reset service. Caribou Creek is one of these companies. As an optional service, we can send a crew to the job site. We hire a local crane and get to work restacking the house. What can take a contractor weeks takes our crew days; ultimately saving an abundance of time. Once we are finished, the contractor can get started finishing the home. 

Sometimes, neighbors will share their surprise with how quickly homes appear! David Byler recalls a family who had gone on vacation and was completely shocked at the fact that no home was there when they left and a few days later, when they came back, “Viola!,” there was a house!


Why Contractors Love Our Kits

Contractors love Caribou Creek Log Homes for a few reasons…

  1. Our log kits are easier to put together.
  2. Electrical chases are pre-drilled.
  3. Windows and Doors are cut out and pre-notched.
  4. Caribou Creeks reset costs are usually less than they can offer their clients. That, combined with the significant time saving that comes with our reset service enables them to get projects done faster.
  5. Caribou Creek offers a log consultant to help with other aspects of the build such as specialty door and window framing that accounts for settling.

Reset Timelapse Videos

Curious what the next steps are? Contact one of our log consultants to discuss your project. Or consider purchasing the Ultimate Log Home Planning Guide to help you map out your dream log home!

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