Charming Log Cabin Dream

Follow along as log home owner, Warren, shares the story of how he and his wife built their log cabin dream home.

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The Inspiration

As a young boy watching Grizzly Adams, Warren fell in love with log homes. While in the service he passed the down time by imaging what life would be like in the future. At the age of 19 he wrote down his dream; to live in a log home on 100 acres with a mile long driveway. 

After he met his sweetheart, Julie, the couple vacationed often in Montana on a ranch where Julie’s parents were caretakers. Most of the buildings there were made of log. Warren and his wife enjoyed discussing the design of their dream home and together they spent hours hand drawing floor plan design options and clipping images in magazines.

A Stroke of Luck

Chance would have it that the couples job would relocate them to Couer d’Alene area! Now, they were closer to their family in Montana and they could finally build the charming log home of their dreams!

The Hunt For Land

Warren recounts that he had put an offer in on two adjacent parcels. He envisioned building on the back parcel, but when the seller backed out, he was forced to reconsider. As it turns out the front lot had stellar views of lake Coeur d’Alene!

Finding a Log Contractor

Warren researched a few local log home crafters. Although they all seemed qualified a couple were single guys that craft on sight. He discovered Caribou Creek and once he saw the scale of the operation he said, “it was a no brainer.”

He brought his pile of sketches and magazine cut outs to the design team. He was blown away at how they designed the home almost exactly like his drawings, with only a few minor structural changes.

Finishing Touches

The amount of heart that went into the house is what transformed it into the charming home it is today. Warren himself hand cut and polished copper pipe for the staircase railings. He and his wife selected the boulders for the fireplace from the property. And the Spruce logs that construct the house were treed on his in-laws ranch.

Final Words

Warren and his wife love this house dearly, as you can imagine. But, now as they are moving into retirement they would like to downsize. As a result they have listed their home. Warren admitted he will probably cry when it sells!

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