The Story of Caribou Creek Ranch

Image of snow covered log home

Young Darin Byler, quickly hopped out of bed one snowy January morning. Rushing to the window, shivers tingled down his spine as excitement wafted over him at the sight of snow piled up on the driveway. Without a doubt, school would be cancelled today and the expansive wilderness that spread thousands of miles around his home would be his playground. Letting out a “Whoop!” he hurriedly dressed and scurried outside. After jumping onto his snowmobile, he shot off like a rocket across the snow, longing to see where the trail would lead him. Meanwhile, the rest of his family snuggled close to the fire, hot chocolate in hand, busying themselves with winter projects.

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Log Home Decorating : Is hiring an Interior Designer beneficial?

To start, let’s clarify the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. Decorators are focused on making things look pretty. Where pictures should be hung, or what color scheme to use in the house, paint colors, etc. Designers on the other hand are much more involved in the design of a home and as I mentioned, when it comes to log homes this becomes even more important and specialized than traditionally framed homes.

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