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Floor Plans

Your Home, Your Design

As custom log and timber home builders, we understand that stock floor plans are rarely, if ever, a perfect solution. We don’t require our clients to stick to a predefined floor plan. In fact, we expect and encourage you to customize your home as needed to meet your specific needs. With our in-house design and drafting capability we help clients develop a house design that fits their lifestyle – no matter if the starting point is one of our floor plans, a Pinterest® board, napkin sketch, or all the above. We can also coordinate with your engineering firm to ensure the design meets local requirements. The plans below are meant to spark your imagination and give you a solid starting point for creating your own custom log home.

Professional Collaboration

Do you already have a preferred architect or designer? No problem! Our unique combination of design proficiency and ongoing real world experience puts us in an excellent position to lend our expertise as design consultants on your behalf. A log or timber home is a unique product with special requirements. By getting involved early on in the design process, we can leverage our experience to avoid common pitfalls and design blunders to save you time, money, and frustration. Modern technology facilitates a high degree of collaboration with 3D model integration, standard details, cross-platform support, and teleconferencing. Let us help streamline your custom log home design process.

What are you waiting for? Let your imagination BE INSPIRED!

Horse Point

Main: 3,534 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1 ,785 Sq. FT.

Horse Point 2

Main: 3,534 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1 ,785 Sq. FT.

The Coeur d'Alene

Main: 3,362 Sq. FT.
Loft: 1,847 Sq. FT.
Total: 5,209 Sq. FT.


Main: 2,603 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1,720 Sq. FT.
Outdoor: 1417 Sq. FT.

The Sandpoint

Lower: 5144 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1894 Sq. FT.
Garage: 1090 Sq. FT.

Bull Lake

Main: 2,193 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1,002 Sq. FT.
Total: 3,195 Sq. FT.


Main: 1,929 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1,073 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 601 Sq. FT.


Main: 2,289 Sq. FT.
2nd Floor: 1495 Sq. FT.
Garage: 860 Sq. FT.

Monte Vista

Main: 2,161 Sq. FT.
Upper: 802 Sq. FT.
Total: 2,963 Sq. FT.

Priest Lake

Main: 2,412 Sq. FT.
Loft: 212 Sq FT.
Basement: 2,134 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 474 Sq. FT.

Salmon River

Main: 1507 Sq. FT.
Upper: 831 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 601 Sq. FT.


Main: 1,608 Sq. FT.
Loft: 983 Sq. FT.
Total: 2,591 Sq. FT.


Main: 2,407 Sq. FT.
Loft: 537 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 363 Sq. FT.

Bitterroot Cabin

Main: 1,152 Sq. FT.
Upper: 606 Sq. FT.
Total: 1,758 Sq. FT.

High Mountain Cabin

Main: 1,260 Sq. FT.
Loft: 427 Sq. FT.
Total: 1,687 Sq. FT.


Main: 1260 Sq. FT.
Upper: 886 Sq. FT.
Total: 2146 Sq. FT.

Friday Harbor

Main: 1176 Sq. FT.
Garage: 641 Sq. FT.
Covered Porch: 531 Sq. FT.

White River

Main: 1088 Sq. FT.
Upper: 427 Sq. FT.
Total: 1515 Sq. FT.

Woods Cabin

Main: 616 Sq. FT.
Loft: 319 Sq. FT.
Porch: 110 Sq. FT.

The Sportsman+Plus

Main: 1008 Sq. FT.
Loft: 392 Sq. FT.
Porch: 1360 Sq. FT.

Sportsman Cabin

Main: 768 Sq. FT.
Upper: 181 Sq. FT.
Porch: 272 Sq. FT.