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Floor Plans

Your Home, Your Design!

As custom log and timber frame home builders, we understand that there are no “perfect” stock floor plans. We don’t force you, our client, to choose between either a canned house plan from an archive of hundreds, or expect you to pay an extra fee for customizing it to fit your needs. In fact, we expect and encourage you to customize your home’s plan to perfection. With our in-house drafting and design capability we are able to create your home to suit your specific needs, whether your ideas came from our floor plans, another website or just a bunch of scribbles on a napkin.

We use some of the best 3D modeling and design software available, and can show you almost exactly how your custom designed finished home will look while we explore the 3D model – ensuring that all the various elements interact correctly. Our years of practical experience building homes is a great benefit in the design phase. We also have a working relationship with several highly qualified structural engineering firms for consultation throughout the process as needed.

Do you have your own preferred architect or designer? No problem! We will be happy to work with them to make your dream a reality. Because of our years of practical experience as builders we can share valuable insights and tips to help streamline the timber home or cabin floor plan design process.

So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination run free! If you can dream it, we will do what it takes to build it!

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The Sandpoint

Lower: 5144 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1894 Sq. FT.
Garage: 1090 Sq. FT.

Horse Point

Main: 3035 Sq. FT.
Upper: 2492 Sq. FT.
Garage: 825 Sq. FT.


Main: 2470 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1484 Sq. FT.
Outdoor: 1417 Sq. FT.


Main: 1929 Sq. FT.
Upper: 1057 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 601 Sq. FT.

Monte Vista

Main: 3035 Sq. FT.
Upper: 2492 Sq. FT.
Garage: 825 Sq. FT.


Main: 1556 Sq. FT.
Loft: 882 Sq. FT.
Total: 2438 Sq. FT.

The Priest Lake

Main: 2362 Sq. FT.
Loft: 212 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 474 Sq. FT.


Main: 2545 Sq. FT.
Upper: 391 Sq. FT.
Total: 2936 Sq. FT.


Main: 2325 Sq. FT.
Loft: 511 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 363 Sq. FT.

Salmon River

Main: 1507 Sq. FT.
Upper: 836 Sq. FT.
Exterior Living: 601 Sq. FT.


Main: 1260 Sq. FT.
Upper: 886 Sq. FT.
Total: 2146 Sq. FT.

Friday Harbor II

Main: 1176 Sq. FT.
Garage: 641 Sq. FT.
Covered Porch: 531 Sq. FT.

White River

Main: 1088 Sq. FT.
Upper: 427 Sq. FT.
Total: 1515 Sq. FT.

Woods Cabin

Main: 616 Sq. FT.
Loft: 319 Sq. FT.
Porch: 110 Sq. FT.

The Sportsman+Plus

Main: 1008 Sq. FT.
Loft: 392 Sq. FT.
Porch: 1360 Sq. FT.

The Sportsman

Main: 768 Sq. FT.
Upper: 181 Sq. FT.
Porch: 272 Sq. FT.

Main: 2257 Sq. FT.
2nd Floor: 1495 Sq. FT.
Garage: 860 Sq. FT.

Handcrafted Log Construction

Ready to take the first step and begin turning a dream into reality? The entire staff at Caribou Creek is waiting to answer any of your questions and discuss your dream log home. Go ahead, dream big. We do.


Caribou Creek is the choice for the highest quality commercial log construction. We have helped multiple businesses and Native American tribes create their own unique styles, overcoming every challenge with beautiful results.

Timber Frame Construction

Traditional timber framed homes and timber frame hybrid homes (built to look like true timber frames) offer amazing energy efficiency and soaring, open interior spaces. Buildings created this way have stood for over a thousand years.