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log shell packages

Superior Craftsmanship

Caribou Creek offers our clients customized options on log kit packages. Ranging from the log frame itself up to completely dried in and in some cases fully turn key. Our packages are fully customizable and even offer material only options where applicable. Packages that require labor may only be available in select locations and are subject to schedule availability.

Log Package

The log package is our standard package provided when Caribou Creek acts as the subcontractor providing log and timber components laid out in the design. Not all log packages are created equal. At Caribou Creek we include many components as a standard feature in our log packages, such as,

  • Window and door cutouts
  • Electrical and plumbing chases
  • Roof structure

Each package is custom and handcrafted. We offer numerous ways to customize your log home from various fiber choices to construction style. We are especially known for our superior non-settling construction system which guarantees the logs won’t settle; thereby, reducing maintenance and upkeep traditionally required by log home owners.

What is Handcrafted?

People are often surprised to hear that so much of our precision crafting process is done by hand. Often finished with tools similar to what our ancestors used to build their homesteads. As a result, hand-hewn textures, along with other distinctive characteristics, such as hand-peeled tapered logs, showcase each stroke of the blade, preserving the crafters individual touch. Handcrafted log homes epitomize the connection we can only imagine people shared with their homes in the rugged past. As an owner of a handcrafted log cabin, one can peer for hours along the rows of logs, or into the crevices of notched corners, admiring the elegant artistry of the place they get to call home.

Dried In

Often people are looking for the option that makes their log house water resistant. This package includes reset of the log shell as well as a roof that sheds water. Often staining and chinking are included as well. We can take this level as far as you would like it to go with the exception of electrical fixtures, stone accents, and the foundation.

*This package can be customized to your liking with the above optional items. Also, material only packages are available.

Complete Shell

Only one step down from turn key, the complete shell leaves the homeowner with nearly the entire exterior completed. Once again excluding electrical fixtures.

*Stone work and foundation are optional

Turn Key

Full General Contracting services are provided on local jobs only and schedule permitting.