Rustic front door of a handcrafted log home

After over 30 years of building custom handcrafted log homes, Caribou Creek realizes that now, more than ever, people are rejecting the cookie-cutter cabins and turning to authentic custom log homes. Nothing comes close to the authenticity and artistry handcrafted log homes offer. The process of precision crafting hand chosen logs for unique placement makes every inch of these homes one-of-a-kind. 

Beautifully blending the distinguishing look of rustic with modern day luxuries is where Caribou Creek execls. Continue reading to discover why handcrafted log homes have such great appeal.

It's not just a home - It's a work of art

People are often surprised to hear that so much of our precision crafting process is done by hand. Often finished with tools similar to what our ancestors used to build their homesteads. As a result, hand-hewn textures, along with other distinctive characteristics, such as hand-peeled tapered logs,  showcase each stroke of the blade, preserving the crafters individual touch. Handcrafted log homes epitomize the connection we can only imagine people shared with their homes in the rugged past.

As an owner of a handcrafted log cabin, one can peer for hours along the rows of logs, or into the crevices of notched corners, admiring the elegant artistry of the place they get to call home.  

claw foot tub in log cabin bathroom
This rustic chink-style log home perfectly blends the timeless beauty of log homes with modern elegance.

Log Crafters - The artists behind the house

Much like a stone mason takes years perfecting his craft, log crafting is not a skill one can pick up overnight. From understanding log fibers and textures, to mastering the chain saw, and building an instinct to hand select the right log for each location; it takes nearly a year of training before a crafter is considered “journeyman.”

“Working as a log crafter is never boring. Each day is like figuring out a giant puzzle,” says Cameron Merritt, of Caribou Creek.

image of a man hand peeling a log

Handcrafted precision - A unique alternative

With the enormous detail and precision that goes into a handcrafted log home it’s no surprise the time it takes to create a custom home is longer than a milled-log-kit, or post and beam home. 

Because each log is meticulously chosen and individually crafted to match the adjacent logs, the process takes a couple of months.

Once the last log is formatted the home is carefully labeled and dis-assembled for delivery. 

Finally, the same skilled crew that precisely crafted the home travels, to the build-site to install the handcrafted log kit. Installs usually take from 3 days up to a week depending on the size of the home. Because of our familiarity with the logs and label system, this time frame is drastically less than it would take a general contractor and his team.

It is easy to see why handcrafted log homes offer a unique alternative to cookie-cutter log cabins. They not only offer custom design combinations, but unmatched artistic flare!

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