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The Sportsman+Plus

The Sportsman+Plus

Taking all the cozy goodness of The Sportsman and adding 450 square feet, The Sportsman+ Plus offers the same mountain serenity with a bit more comfort. Perfect as a vacation cabin or mountain retreat, this log cabin is designed with a covered porch perfect for taking in nature's quiet beauty.

"Our home is just beautiful - even better than the picture I had in mind when it was just a blueprint."
Karen Tucker
Caribou Creek Client

Handcrafted Log Construction

Ready to take the first step and begin turning a dream into reality? The entire staff at Caribou Creek is waiting to answer any of your questions and discuss your dream log home. Go ahead, dream big. We do.


Caribou Creek is the choice for the highest quality commercial log construction. We have helped multiple businesses and Native American tribes create their own unique styles, overcoming every challenge with beautiful results.

Timber Frame Construction

Traditional timber framed homes and timber frame hybrid homes (built to look like true timber frames) offer amazing energy efficiency and soaring, open interior spaces. Buildings created this way have stood for over a thousand years.