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Craftsmanship and Comfort

Log Home Kits

Appalachian Dovetail
Exterior full timber entry way to a very large log home.
Log Post and Beam
Scandinavian Full Scribe
Timber Frame
Exterior picture of a large log home with a lawn in the foreground and wooded hillside in the background.
Western Chink Style
Large room with wooden beams and skylights.
Commercial & Tribal
Beautiful winding staircase built around a full timber support.
Specialty & Accents
Exterior of a Appalachian Dovetail Log cabin built over a mountain lake.


Residential Log Home Kits

Log Home Kits by Caribou Creek are the leader in the custom log home kits and luxury log home kits in the industry. We love building mountain style homes and it shows in our work. Perhaps you’re wondering “Before I build my first log home, what should I know?” We’ll walk you through the whole process, from drawing up custom, energy efficient floor plans, to whether cedar logs or another wood are the right choice. There’s no detail we’ll leave out. It’s our focus to concentrate on every last detail to make your log house a home. Extraordinary log homes are never the exception- it is our rule.

“...These guys are not only outstanding craftsmen but they go way beyond anything one might expect...and everyone of them are just great guys! Their workmanship is amazing, and they are one fine crew. These guys are a testimony to your outstanding company!"
Don Stoulil
Caribou Creek Client

Log home kit

Premium Full Log Packages Solid Log Exterior Walls

Choose from many log sizes, shapes, textures and corner styles. We manufacture and kiln dry them all! If you have always dreamed of living in a full-log home, rest-assured that Caribou Creek’s log home kits are extremely energy efficient.

The Best Log Home Kits

We design our full log home kits with conventional interior partition walls, giving you the option of using drywall, stone, or tongue & groove to compliment your home. It also allows you to change your home’s color scheme if desired. For all Caribou Creek log home kits, every aspect of the build is part of a smooth easy process that sets the foundation for quality. Log cabins are created by artisans following specific procedures that have been honed and passed down for generations. Throughout each project, the construction, and excellence in craftsmanship is consistent. Logs are fitted together with an emphasis on creating a solid structure with all of the electrical components and windows cut out and ready for finishing.

Log Home Kits Over our 30 years of building, Caribou Creek has completed projects in 35 U.S. States and four international countries. No matter what region, state or country you call home, Caribou Creek Log and Timber understands the environment. We will handcraft your log home kits vision and deliver it anywhere in the world.

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Designed and crafted in Idaho, but shared with the world. This Caribou Creek build in Georgia was the cover for a recent issue.

"We've featured a lot of gorgeous homes throughout the year, but one house stood out from the crowd."