Payroll Training

STEP 1: Gather all timecards, drink sheets, and payroll deduction log.

STEP 2: Organize timecards alphabetically by last name. NOTE: the restoration crew, Jim Hamilton, Glenn Yoder, and the peelers may have time or payroll on a separate paper rather than a time card. In fact, some peelers and restoration employees may have a timecard AND a paper AND peeler sheets. It is important to thoroughly check for these and organize yourself before beginning the process.

STEP 3: Open payroll spreadsheets and save as to the next payroll date. Fill out the spreadsheet entirely. Watch the tutorial for further instructions.  PRINT each timecard as you complete it. Keep them organized alphabetically by last name.

STEP 4:  Enter time into Quickbooks. Watch the tutorial for further instructions (VIDEO)

STEP 5: The next morning, review the entered time in Quick books to check for mistakes. Look for “overtime” being used accurately, “billable time boxes” checked or not, is the time on the correct date? Correct errors.

STEP 6: Tara will come to print checks

STEP 7: Remove the perforated bottom third of the check and staple that to the associated spreadsheet along with the timecards, peeler sheets, or any other paperwork associated with that employee. Attach the check to the front (do not staple it) and paper clip the packet. Once all checks and packets are stapled and paperclip, place them in the folder

STEP 8: Run a Payroll Summary Report by Class in QuickBooks and put it on top of checks in the folder. Give the folder to Darin or Ken to sign.

STEP 9: Once checks are signed and returned to you, remove the paper clips and place the signed checks in check envelopes. 

STEP 10: Organize the checks into piles (Restoration crew, yard crew, office staff) and pass out as follows. Restoration crew checks are given to Ben. Yard crew checks are given to Bryan Elliot. Office staff checks are handed out to individuals.