Image of snowy land with a log cabin

Location! Location! Location! – How to find the ideal location for your dream home

Is your mind filled with visions of cozy nights by the fire in your own log cabin? You have the perfect vision for where you want to be but you are struggling to find the land that matches your vision? Then you will find tons of value in today's post!
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A Log Cabin Dream Come True

How long have you been dreaming of a log home? Have you wondered not just WHEN you will ever realize our dream, but IF you will? In this episode I share my story of how I got my dream log home against all odds.
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Image of log home on lake

The Caribou Difference: What Makes Caribou Creek Log Homes So Prestigious

these differences are specific to Caribou Creek and not all handcrafted log home companies have these standards, although some may...
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Image of log home with title Are Log Homes Energy Efficient

Are Log Homes Energy Efficient?

Do you have doubts about the energy efficiency of log homes? Good news, log homes are not as bad as their reputation would lead you to believe. Find out more...
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Rustic front door of a handcrafted log home

Handcrafted Log Homes

Handcrafted Log Homes are as uniqe as each owner. When cookie-cutter log kits just won't do - turn to a handcrafted log home. Continue reading to discover why handcrafted log homes have such great appeal!
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Charming Log Home

Top 20 Most Charming Log Home Exteriors

Are you searching for charming log home design ideas? Look no further than our Top 20 Most Charming Log Home Exteriors. Remember to share and Pin your favorites!
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Image of snow covered log home

The Story of Caribou Creek Ranch

Young Darin Byler, quickly hopped out of bed one snowy January morning. Rushing to the window, shivers tingled down his spine as excitement wafted over him at the sight of snow piled up on the driveway. Without a doubt, school would be cancelled today and the expansive wilderness that spread thousands of miles around his home would be his playground. Letting out a “Whoop!” he hurriedly dressed and scurried outside. After jumping onto his snowmobile, he shot off like a rocket across the snow, longing to see where the trail would lead him. Meanwhile, the rest of his family snuggled close to the fire, hot chocolate in hand, busying themselves with winter projects.
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Log Home Decorating : Is hiring an Interior Designer beneficial?

To start, let’s clarify the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. Decorators are focused on making things look pretty. Where pictures should be hung, or what color scheme to use in the house, paint colors, etc. Designers on the other hand are much more involved in the design of a home and as I mentioned, when it comes to log homes this becomes even more important and specialized than traditionally framed homes.
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log home bathroom

5 Steps to Your Dream Log Home

When you have a dream to build a log home, it can be hard to know where to start and how to proceed. After over 30 years, we have helped hundreds of folks attain their dream by walking them through the process of planning and building a log home.
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What to Expect During Log Home Construction

Once ground is broken, construction has begun! This can be a very exciting time and a very stressful one too.
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Designing Your Dream Log Home

It’s time to get into the fun stuff! Designing your dream log home can be the most exciting part of the process, short of moving in of course. If you don’t already have a very clear picture of what you want your home to look like, here is a list of a few questions to ponder that will get you started.
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Finding the Right Team to Build Your Dream Log Home

You’ve dreamt of building your custom log home for years and you are finally ready to get the building process underway! You have the perfect land secured, you have all the pins saved on your Pinterest board, and have spent hours planning the house layout. The next step is to assemble the right team to get your project underway.
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How to Find the Right Land for Your Dream Log Home

The second step to getting your dream log home is to have the right land lot. Of course, if you already have land then you can mark this step off and move onto choosing the right team for your project. However, our experience is that many people dream of a log home, but struggle to find the right land. As a result we felt it was worthwhile to offer some guidance on the subject.
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Determining A Budget for Your Dream Log Home

When planning your dream log cabin home the first step is determining a budget for your project.  It really isn’t so much about knowing how much a log home costs as it is about knowing how much you can afford.
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Image of a log home interior with words "Machined vs handcrafted"

Machine Milled Kit vs. Handcrafted Log Kit

What is a handcrafted log home? Just the name sounds more expensive because often we assume that products produced by hand will cost more than products that are massed produced. However, we think you will be happily surprised! Continue reading to find out what the differences are between Machined Log Kits and Handcrafted Log Kits and if there really is much of a price difference!
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Image of log home in autumn with words over it "3 Log Home Dream Killers"

3 Log Home Dream Killers

Trust us when we say, the last thing we want is for your log home dream to die, which is precisely the reason we are sharing this post. Too often folks come to us with a desire for a log cabin, often something they have been planning for a decade, and for one reason or another their project gets temporarily put on hold or is moved completely off the table.
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Image of Rustic staircase

Caribou Creek’s Best Handcrafted Staircases

In many cases a rustic log home just is not complete without a handcrafted log staircase. After 30 years of handcrafting log homes we have built many beautiful staircases. Here are some of our favorites!
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Beautiful chink style log home with large deck and nice landscaping.

Choosing Your Log Home Style

In many cases a rustic log home just is not complete without a handcrafted log staircase. After 30 years of handcrafting log homes we have built many beautiful staircases. Here are some of our favorites!
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Image of Caribou Creek Founder David Byler standing in the interior of a handcrafted log home from the early '90's.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

There are numerous log home projects built by Caribou Creek that don't get the love they deserve because photography has improved so drastically making these archived images show their age. We decided, regardless of their out dated appearance, these pictures need to be seen, so what better place than our blog!
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A man peeling a large log.

Custom Log Home Addition

Custom Log Home Addition Caribou Creek adds a beautiful log home addition to a 33 year old owner build. Come read about the entire process from beginning to end. After
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In process shot of a log home being built.

Custom Log Home in Libby, Montana

Custom Log Home Follow along on the journey of a couple building their dream retirement home in Libby, Montana with Caribou Creek Log & Timber. The Bentley’s Dream Come True
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Building an Off-Grid Log Cabin in Sequoia National Park

Having high-end cabins in a pristine and protected environment involves some strategic planning and careful consideration. The size and location of each of the handcrafted log homes needed to fit the historic significance and architectural style of the area.
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