When it comes to log home outdoor living spaces Caribou Creek Log Homes is the place to find inspiration! Check out the images you see here. And remember to save your favorites to your Pinterest board!

Give The Space Purpose

When planning outdoor living space be mindful of what you intend to use it for. Will you be hosting guests? Make sure you have plenty of seating. Or is it your own private sanctuary meant to experience stunning nature views? Either way, treat this space like a room in your home and create it with purpose.

Make The Most Of It

Maximize the views your property has to offer by arranging small sitting areas to enjoy morning coffee with a good book or journal and separating seating for snacks and cocktails in the evening. 

Consider Nature

Be considerate of when your outdoor living space may be most exposed to sunlight. Consider using curtains or shrubs to create shade. Or create a rustic covered patio as an extension of your log home like the one pictured below.


Incorporating heating sources will extend the yearly use of your living space. 

Appearance and Decorations

Decorating your log home outdoor living space with flowers and strategically placed plants will add to the comfort the space offers.

Cozy Corners

Use space wisely to create cozy corners for relaxing alone time.

Choosing Furniture

The purpose of the outdoor living space will be the driving factor in which furniture is chosen. Select furniture that is practical for its intended while painting comfort and aesthetics.


You may plan to entertain into the evening. Planning adequate lighting will be an important part of designing your outdoor living space.

Simple Is Beautiful

Your log home outdoor living space does not have to be elaborate to be everything you dream of. The outdoor fire pit pictured below creates a perfect atmosphere for engaging conversations and memorable quality time.

The Ultimate Log Home Planning Guide will walk you through each step of designing and building your dream cabin: 

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