Kiln Dried Timber & Logs

A Closer at Look Drying Wood

A closer look at the methods and reasons for drying wood.

Kiln Dried Timber & Logs

Mankind has been using trees to provide shelter for millennia. No other building material is as versatile, beautiful and practical as wood. However simple it may be to work with, wood is a complex substance obtained from a living organism. Because of this there are properties that can change depending upon the surrounding environment. Through the centuries people have developed better ways of utilizing this resource to its maximum potential. Principles our ancestors learned throughout history are all combined to produce the kiln dried timber we use today.

Why You Need Dried Timber

Like all plants, trees need water to live. Unfortunately this poses a problem for building. As the wood’s moisture content decreases it shrinks, twists, warps, checks and performs all kinds of peculiar stunts. Obviously most builders and homeowners would prefer to not have this happen in their houses or buildings. This movement is even more pronounced in large timbers. A large warping timber has enough strength to cause significant damage. Even in traditional stacked log homes, green logs can w